Restoration + Modification + Customization

  • THE 930 GARAGE

    Restoration + Modification + Customization

  • THE 930 GARAGE

    Restoration + Modification + Customization

welcome to the 930 garage

We take pride in all our projects. We know how special your vehicles are, especially if you're making the big decision to restore, customize, or modify them.

We believe all our clients should have a thorough understanding of what each project entails, including the cost breakdown before starting any project.

At THE 930 GARAGE you can make an appointment with an experienced professional, sit down one-on-one and discuss all the details of the project before you begin.

We Imagine

Dreaming of your special car? Then imagine creating a new vision for your classic car.

We Design

We specialize in blending new ideas, design and materials to enhance your car's own beauty.

We Create

Each step in our proess is carefully thought out to bring your ideas and our design to life. The end result is automotive art you can drive or park in your living room; customized just for you.

Scott Nichols – Owner

The end results speak for themselves.


Machining for me is precision. Take a piece of solid metal and sculpt it into a useable and functioning newly shaped design.


Fiberglass allows you to transform a part into something unique.


It starts with an idea that can become an award-winning design.


We can take your idea and make it a reality
by designing it, choosing the materials, creating it, installing it, developing it, finishing it and then


Like most, I started modifying and customizing plastic models, bicycles, and go karts at an early age.

In my teens and 20's, I moved on to modifying and customizing cars, motorcycles and constructing and racing remote control boats and scale hydroplanes.
I aquired skills and proficiency along the way from the usual institutions and excellent mentors.

Finally, I turned my passion for customizing and modifying into my profession and I'm loving every minute.

  • – Milton Glaser –

    There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!!
  • – Pablo Picasso –

    Everything you can imagine is real!
  • – Favorite Quote –

    Get in . . . sit down . . . shut up . . . and hang on!
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Dream Big!

930 Projects Finished

All of them . . . except for the ones we are working on.

930 Happy Clients

Makes you feel good when they drive away with a smile!

3 First Place Trophies

A good start!

our services

The 930 Garage provides solutions, time tables and a budget for your project.


It starts with an idea . . . a sketch . . . a design . . . a discussion . . . a plan. We bring your ideas to life.


You dream it . . . we create it. We will customize or build according to our client's preferences. Anything is possible.


Pick the part or area you want to change and we will make it happen.


We can preserve your car's original patina, make your old car look new again or something in between. The choice is yours.


Check out our restoration, modification, and customization projects. We are inspired by design, architecture, color . . . and pretty much everything around us, especially our clients. We take pride in everything we do. The end results speak for themselves.

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